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Part 5/6
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Commission for :iconsrgntdrew:

After Drew's friend, John, hears a rumor of a guy getting a mermaid girlfriend, the responsible witch decides to add to her reputation of granting wishes.


Well, he became a Mermaid... and without ropes, too. Must feel drafty.

Rated Mature as a whole.
Drew & John (c) Srgntdrew

Rebecca Ricce (c) Matt Sella

Characters, John and Drew, belongs to the commissioner. Do NOT distribute image without their and/or my permission.

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Kimbawest Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017

Yay! Happy ending for John. My advice John better not piss off Rebecca by not claiming your award. She might make you pay dearly if you don't.

birchtree380 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
Wonderful transformation! I really enjoyed the art.
Just a very academic comment but I think that mermaids should not have their tail up to their waist line. They loose access to their reproductive organs. Horny! 
I did some research on that topic Sherlock Holmes and found out that the fish tail starting at human waist level is a common misconception. It started just few centuries ago, when artists of that prudent period were impossible to portray their private parts exposed. So they made a workaround by drawing the fish tail part prolonged to their waist line. Everyone was OK and happy. Meow :3 
But according to old myths dating to the ancient Greece, mer-folk legs were merged just slightly above the level of their knees, leaving their lap fully human shaped and accessible to naughty activities. :D (Big Grin) Anatomically their thigh bones cross into flexible fish tail bone structure where their knees should be, with the merging point of their flesh slightly above. Basically if you ever had a mermaid lady in your bedroom (LOL), you could easily pass your arm between her thighs. Woohooooo!
If the merging point in your previous picturewas a little bit higher… it would depict the mermaid tail anatomy in a very realistic way. Wink/Razz 
From a size and proportion point of view, the length of the tail part (from the merging point to the root of the flipper) is similar to the original length of that person legs, hence the whole structure down from pelvis to the root of the flipper is the original length of the legs plus the length of the thighs.
The last note is about gills. They should be located inside their throats, with their lungs normally breathing underwater to circulate water around them. When outside water, their gills contract and they breathe (and speak with human voice ) as a regular land creature.
It is not a critique, it is rather a hint if you want to draw a mermaid in more realistic manner. It is up to you what kind of mermaids you want to draw anyway.
There is actual reason how mermaids, succubi, angels, demons, dragons or antic Gods got into mythology, and even though that most stories were twisted over centuries, they are definitely not made up fairy-tales but based on people experience. Wink/Razz 
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